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08.08.07, 16:07:00

Bruce Wayne - my father sucks

experimental alternative music inspired by Art Brut & Sum41 "Dear Father"


My father sucks:
Daddy isn't gone,
I wish he would've.

Daddy got me,
got me going
not become him!

I don't like him!
I don't like him!
I really don't like him!

It's like a cat
eating a dog,
It doesn't work!

Stupid asshole!

(think about the sense)

I really wish him
wish him to hell.
So he got no stories
for me to tell.

It's like a dump ass
spreading shit.

So what's the point?!
my father sucks!
my father sucks!

It's the point
his point of view!
I don't like it!
I simply don't!

He's a worker,
I am not.

I got spirit.
He never had.

He got potential
he never used.

What's his problem?
He never talks,
he never listens
even understand.

He had problems
and made them mine.

Why do you suck?
Suck like bitch?!

It's just opinion.
It's one of mine.
One of the things
to define my mind.

This is my lifestyle,
I adore living it.

So why do you suck it,
even fuck it?!

Let me live!
I just wanna live!

(Quote from Good Charlotte)
"Don't really care
abou the things
that you say!"

Stop shouting me,
being loud to me,
let me be me.

I'll stop listen
and do like
itzy bitzy
teeny weeny.

You got your voice
and lost a son!

You'll never win
with a handgun.

This is my father.

Hope you hate him.

I'm sure you will.

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